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Net Script is a little project I been working on while improving my C# programming skills as well as playing around with CodeDOM. It's main purpose is to drop the IDE to write quick code that can be ran with just a click.

Net Script uses a main Core application that runs any code, detects the language by extension and once it passes all the checks that I have in place, it will send it to the compiler. The compilers will then compile the code using CodeDOM and then execute it in memory. To define memory, CodeDOM actually drops the text before compiling and then erases them once the file has been ran.

It uses Registry keys to set the application path and extension associations (Thanks to TUP for helping me the the problems I had with this) and sends the arguments to the compiler.

The three main files that are required is Net Script Core.exe which determines the language and extension as well as any further checks that I may integrate, written in C#. It also drops vbc.exe which builds the code and runs it in memory which is written in VB.NET. csc.exe does the same thing but I wrote it in C# instead for obvious reasons.

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